Documentation needed for shipping from Nepal

In order to ship legally from Nepal there are several steps to be taken. We at Direct Way Cargo Nepal take care of it all for you, and it’s included in our service.

Export & Import documents will be prepared as per the Government rules and need of destination country. Please see our list of banned and safe items to send from Nepal. Form A (Generalized system of preference GSP), Country of origin, visa- documents, Exports Licenses Packing List perform invoice and necessary documents will be prepared as per the exporting ,importing country rules and regulation.

We will be dealing with the various activities such as handling, project cargo, warehousing, Documentation, Cargo insurance, Custom Clearance with cost-effective and efficiently. For Air Freight, Ocean  Freight, Custom Brokerage, warehousing, packing, pickup, distribution and very much take care for sensitive perishable goods.

The following documents are required for Exporting to third country by air. For the export by only a registered firm or company.

  1. Custom Declaration Form
  2. Commercial invoice
  3. GSP form ‘A’ if applicable
  4. Copy of letter of credit or advance payment statement received from the bank.
  5. Foreign Exchange Declaration Form of Nepal Rastra Bank
  6. Packing List
  7. Copy of Firm/company Registration Certificate
  8. Copy of income tax registration certificate
  9. Airway bill
  10. Letter of authority to clear the consignment
  11. Phytosanitary Certificate for agricultural products/plants
  12. Certificate from Department of Archaeology for the export of status, Thankas, Wood carving of archaeological value etc.
  13. Visa authorization certificate from garment visa office of National Productivity and Economic Development Centre for the export of garments to USA and Canada
  14. CITES Certificate from department of National Parks and Wild Life Conservation for the export of bone and horn products.
  15. Certification on invoice from the Handicrafts Association of Nepal for handicrafts goods and silver products.
  16. Value Added Tax Certificate for beer, spirits and cigarettes
  17. Passbook for gold handicrafts
  18.  Clearance certificate of Department of Drug Management for medicines
  19. Clearance certificate of Department of Mines and Geology for mineral products
  20. Certificate of origin from local chamber of commerce
  21. Multiple countries Declaration for garment export to the USA.

All the above documents except of No. 9 and additional following documents are required for export to the third country by sea/land

  1. Transport manifesto, one copy per truck
  2. Custom transit declarations
  3. Transit declaration invoice for goods in transit via India/Bangladesh to third country destination.

For Import, we advise to our clients required documents for clearance, cost minimizing and to the purpose to attempt prompt delivery.

(Again, please note all the above is provided for you as part of our services at no extra cost. Please be aware of some shipping companies in Nepal that will charge you extra for these services. We do not. It’s free as part of our loyal service to you. )