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Andrea Christine Napoli
Andrea Christine Napoli USA
The service was excellent and really someone you can trust. The tracking numbers were provided promptly and my items arrived at home safe and sound. If you need to ship your souvenirs, Amir is your man!
Edina Pinjic
Edina Pinjic Australia
My package from Kathmandu to Sydney within 10 days but my favourite part of the entire service was the hospitality offered late on a Sunday night. Amir provides an outstanding service and ensures all goods packaged are wrapped for a safe arrival!! Thank you!!!
SĂ­lvia Colomer Mola Spain
Hey if you have stuff to sent home, please d’on’t miss the opportunity, to meet Amir Bagale, you will not only sent your things you will leave the place with a beautiful smile in your face. He is very efficient in his work , funny and really nice person to exchange any type of conversation. You can ask him everything you want to know about Nepal. So don’t waist your time looking for Cargo man you already find yours! I highly recommend. Enjoy your time in Nepal.
Nicola Pickering
Nicola Pickering UK
I agree! I will not use any other cargo company. They are very efficient and keep you informed at every step
Robin van Hees
Robin van Hees Netherlands
Just great!
Felix Sun
Felix Sun China
Best service for china
Ling Mann
Ling Mann Hong Kong
Mr Awesome Amir, Thanks so much for your excellent and trusted and friendly services. My big box arrived exactly the day you said it would. Totally delighted. Namaste. Ling
Leanne Hengle
Leanne Hengle UK
Amazing customer service. Always delivers. Would highly recommend.

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